Mentioned on Lambda-the-Ultimate

Thanks to Lambda the Ultimate for pointing people who are interested in programming languages over to my blog. I suddenly noticed that lots of the things I talk about do not have hyperlinks to allow the interested party to find out more. Since I don't know how to go back and edit old posts, I thought I'd give a bunch of links here instead, whilst trying to be more disciplined in future.

The Haskell language.
The nhc98 compiler.
The Hat HAskell Tracer/debugger.

Failure Propagation and Transformation Calculus.
Dazzle Bayesian analysis tool.
Blobs diagram editor (webpage not yet live).
wxHaskell cross-platform GUI toolkit.
Haskell Workshop 2005.

HaXml libraries and tools.
Prerelease (1.14) of how HaXml-2 is shaping up.
DrIFT type-directed preprocessor.
Haskell Xml Toolbox from Uwe Schmidt.

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